Notice is hereby given that on the 27th

84017 | 05/12/2021 | Ad id: 9-0000685693-01

Notice is hereby given that on the 27th day of May 2021 at 10:00 a.m. at The Ledges Event Center (202 E. Park Road, Coalville, UT, 84017) I will offer for sale at a public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash, under provisions of Section 59-2-1351-1, the following described real property located in the county and now delinquent and subject to tax sale. A bid for less than the total amount of taxes, interest, penalty and administrative costs which are a charge upon the real estate will not be accepted. Name HAMPSON ARTHUR Address P.O. BOX 58384 Parcel Number: LR-3-292 Legal: LOT 292 LAKE ROCKPORT ESTATE SUBDIVISION UNIT 3 SEC 6 T1SR5E CONT 1.02 AC 313-388-389 1299-1310 1701-1920 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $2,558.14 Name TRANSASSET INC. Address 38062 BROWNLESS RD Thedford, NE 69166 Parcel Number: OT-8-D Legal: COMMENCING AT A PT 5285.94 FT E OF THESW COR OF SEC 16 & SD PT IS ALSO 5289.48FT N 89*52'W 0F THE SE COR OF SEC 15,T1SR6E,SLBM. SD PT IS THE LOCATION OF THE LOST SEC COR COMMON TO SEC 15,16,21& 22. TH N 1103.77 FT & W 842.81 FT TO AN OLD CEDAR POST ON AN OLD FENCE LINE;TH S 46*7'4" E 44.75 FT; TH N 10*10'4"W 241.48 FT TO AN OLD FENCE POST; TH N 0*11'50" E 366.08 FT ALG AN OLD FENCE TO EDGE OF COUNTY ROAD; TH N 89*16'18" W33.04 FT ALG EDGE OF COUNTY ROAD TO A FENCE POST; TH S 0*5'43" W 366.40 FT ALG AN OLD FENCE LINE; TH ALG SD FENCE S 11*41'12" E 211.15 FT TO PT OF BEG. CONT 0.42 ACRE (NOTE: ABOVE DESCRIPTION FROM EXCEPTION, PARCEL 2 773-355)M4-267 M17-258 M147-367-355 773-318-320 773-334 (VESTING 773-334) TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $856.13 Name BRIDGES SCOTT/LOIS H/W (JT) Address 7565 PINEBROOK RD Park City, UT 84098 Parcel Number: PB-IA-8 Legal: LOT 8 PINEBROOK SUBDIVISION NO 1 PHASE I PLAT A IN SEC 11 T1SR3E SLBM CONT 0.980 AC 473-430 530-82 543-812 652-218 1340-1441 1342-1300 1523-1519 (1805-380 & 1807-1455) 1849-861 1910-543 2069-1681 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $14,039.98 Name GREEN ROBERT, GREEN WILLIAM Address 177 RIVERSIDE AVE #F-605 Newport Beach, CA 92663 Parcel Number: PDP-205-A Legal: UNIT 205 BUILDING A, POWDER POINTE CONDOAMENDMENT N0 2 ACCORDING TO THE OFFICIALPLAT THEREOF TOGETHER WITH AN UND2.7417% OF INT IN AND TO THE COMMON AREACONT 616 SQ FT M260-791 M271-692290-330 297-302 379-38 380-251 459-810 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $10,983.16 Name SWENSEN LINDEN S Address 11616 TODD DR BLAIR, NE 68008 Parcel Number: PM-6-A-661 Legal: LOT 661 PINE MOUNTAINS NO 6 PLAT A IN SEC 32 T1NR7E SLBM CONT 1.11 AC 501-214 887-720 1137-723 1195-144 1271-8291732-1807 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $1,769.28 Name SWENSEN LINDEN S Address 11616 TODD DR BLAIR, NE 68008 Parcel Number: PM-6-A-662 Legal: LOT 662 PINE MOUNTAINS NO 6 PLAT A IN SEC 32 T1NR7E SLBM CONT 1.18 AC 396-80 819-24 887-720 1137-723 1195-1441271-829 1732-1807 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $1,769.28 Name SWENSEN LINDEN S Address 11616 TODD DR BLAIR, NE 68008 Parcel Number: PM-6-A-663 Legal: LOT 663 PINE MOUNTAINS NO 6 PLAT A IN SEC 32 T1NR7E SLBM CONT 1.06 AC 396-80 819-25 887-720 1137-723 1195-1441271-829 1732-1807 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $1,669.55 Name SUMMIT RANCH JOINT VENTURE Address P.O. BOX 2948 RANCHO CORDOVA, CA 95741 Parcel Number: PP-116-A-1 Legal: REMAINING DESCRIPTION: BEG AT A PT WH IS E 616.543 FT & S 653.33 FT FR THE NW COR OF SEC 31,T1SR4E,SLBM SD PT BEING TH INT/SEC OF BEAR HOLLOW DRIVE & A PARCEL DESC IN 501-148 WHOSE SERIAL # ISPP-116-E TH ALG SD PARCEL S 38*0'W 121.16 FT M/L TO A PT ON SUN PEAK DRIVE DEDICATION & PARCEL SUBD PLAT THENCE ALG SD SUBD N 15*44'49" W 17.747 FT TO THENE COR OF SD SUBD TH ALG BEAR HOLLOW DRIVE 111.89 FT M/L TO THE PT OF BEGCONT 0.01 ACRES M/L (REMAINING DESC WRITTEN FOR ASSESSMENTPURPOSES & IS DERIVED FR THAT PORTION OF PARCEL D DESC IN 588-130 THAT ISBOUNDED BY BEAR HOLLOW DRIVE; SUN PEAK DRIVE DEDICATION & PARCEL SUBD PLAT & APARCEL DESC IN 501-148 KNOWN AS PP-116-E) TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $341.98 Name UNITED PARK CITY MINES Address P.O. BOX 1450 PARK CITY, UT 84060 Parcel Number: S-190 Legal: (PERSONAL PROPERTY) STATE ASSESSED - LAND ONLY LANDS LOCATED IN SEC 24 & 25, T2S, R3E, SLB&M. INFORMATION FROM STATE AS FOLLOWS: (LOCATION NAME: NINETY NINE; MINE AC 4.443; STATE LAND ID:44517) (LOCATION NAME: PIQUE NO. 2; MINE AC 8.111; STATE LAND ID: 44726) (LOCATION NAME: PIQUE NO. 3; MINE AC 12.28; STATE LAND ID: 44727) TOTAL 24.834 AC. TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $2,538.19 Name PARK CITY HOMEOWNERS TIMEHSHARE INC. Address 25510 COMMERCE CENTRE DR #100 LAKE FOREST, CA 92630 Parcel Number: SA-288-288-A-6 Legal: ALL LOT 9 & LOT 36 & N'LY 3 FT OF LOT 37 BLK 26 SNYDERS ADDITION TO PARK CITY SURVEY(LESS ANY PORTION LYING WITHIN SWEETWATER TIMESHARE PROJECTS II & III)BAL 0.02 AC 1376-1309 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $381.16 Name BURR ROBERT BRUCE TRUSTEE Address 2676 S. 1900 E. SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84106 Parcel Number: SG-D-21 Legal: LOT 21 OF STAGECOACH ESTATES PLAT "D" SUBDIVISION THE SAME AS IS RECORDED IN THE OFFICE OF THE SUMMIT COUNTY RECORDER CONT 10.01 AC 469-795 470-80 1306-691 1358-765 (REF:1361-175) (REF:1406-735)1688-4 1690-61 1724-174 1771-1220 2332-860 ROBERT BRUCE BURR AND MELANIE NORIETTA BURR TRUSTEES OF THE ROBERT AND MELANIE BURR FAMILY TRUST AGREEMENT DATED MAY 4 2015 2332-860; TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $14,020.87 Name PATINO TRUCKING & EXC LLC Address 155 W. 480 N. KAMAS, UT 84036 Parcel Number: SS-67-12 Legal: (LOT 67) IN SEC 16 & 21 T1SR5E; BEG AT PT DUE S 3073.265 FT & DUE E 13,669.314 FT FROM NW COR SEC 18 T1SR5E SLBM (SD NW COR BEARING N 1*06'56" W FROM SW COR & BEING BASIS OF BEARING); TH S 46*35'13"E 2014.819 FT TO PT ON N'LY R/W LINE STATE HWY 196; TH S 42*41'33" W ALONG SD R/W LINE 253.323 FT TO PT TANGENCY WITH 5779.578 FT RAD CUR; TH S'LY ALONG ARCSD CUR TO LEFT THRU CENTRAL ANGLE OF 4* 26'51" 446.635 FT; TH S 38*14'42" W 204.126 FT; TH LEAVING R/W N 48*30' W 1689.85 FT; TH N 0*58'46" E 324.193 FT;N 18*12'31" E 400.031 FT; N 38*20' E 274.089 FT; N 69*42'30" E 96.719 FT TO BEG TOGETHER WITH & SUBJECT TO 50 FT R/W "A" CONT 41.952 AC M131-808 750-845(REF:783-462) 1337-582 1767-1227 2369-1101 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $7,880.88 Name WHITAKER SCOTT RICHARD (JT), Address PO BOX 982003 PARK CITY, UT 84098-2003 Parcel Number: PI-G-94 Legal: LOT 94 PINE MEADOW RANCH PLAT G SUBDIVISION AS RECORDED WITH THE SUMMIT COUNTY RECORDER CONT 1.01 AC TOGETHER WITH THEIR PROPORTIONATE INT IN THE COMMON AREA 476-723 (REF:702-290) 1355-279 1575-1755 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $13,308.04 IN WITNESS WHERE OF I have hereunto set my hand and official deal this 26th day of April 2021. Michael Howard, Summit County Auditor PUBLISHED IN THE PARK RECORD ON WEDNESDAY MAY 12, 2021.