Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline


Syracuse, 84075 | 08/08/2019 | Ad id: 9-0000468105-01

Prime condition $2,349 (801) 520-6577 Syracuse Bryan DeGrange  This is our Jumbo Square Springfree trampoline. We stand by our trampolines and their construction by offering a ten year warranty for any purchase of our trampolines. That warranty covers everything from the frame to the mat to the net. You may be asking, “what’s so special about a Springfree trampoline anyway?” Well, our trampolines are built with a variety of innovations. There is what we call a hidden frame, meaning that the frame is beneath the mat. That allows the jumper to have zero chance of landing on any hard surfaces. The trampoline also features special composite rods that making jumping on our trampolines a truly unique experience. By using our composite rods the mat has “soft edge” technology. Jumping on the very edge of the trampoline offers a soft and flexible jump. The Springfree trampoline net is a very strong and flexible net that can withstand the elements and the kids. However, the number one innovation Is regarding safety. Our trampolines are the worlds safest trampolines. There is no way for a jumper to fall out, land on a hard surface or pinch themselves. Model Number - S155Size Of Mat - 13 x 13 ftSurface Area Of Mat - 155 ft²Jumper Weight - 220 lbsStructural Load Capacity - 1100 lbsTotal Height - 9.2 ft