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SUMMIT COUNTY, UTAH ORDINANCE NO. 868-A AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE EASTERN SUMMIT COUNTY DEVELOPMENT CODE SECTIONS 11-4-5 and 11-4-12 PREAMBLE WHEREAS, Utah Code Annotated ("UCA") ยง17-27a-102(b) provides that counties can enact all ordinances that they consider necessary or appropriate for the use and development of land within the unincorporated area of the county; and WHEREAS, in June of 2017, the Summit County Council adopted an ordinance significantly rewriting Chapter 11-4 of the Eastern Summit County Development Code; and, WHEREAS, one of the changes in Chapter 11-4 was to require a Master Planned Development for any subdivision of four or more lots, however, while that change was correctly made to Section 11-4-12.B.2, it was not made to Section 11-4-5.C.1.a. WHEREAS, the Summit County Council desires to ensure consistency between the two above referenced Sections; and WHEREAS, the Eastern Summit County Water Conservancy Special Service District (the "District") has jurisdiction over all of unincorporated Eastern Summit County as it relates to wastewater; and WHEREAS, notwithstanding the District's jurisdiction, the District is not a required signature block on subdivision plats; and WHEREAS, the Summit County Council desires to require the District, when necessary, to have a signature block on subdivision plats within Eastern Summit County. WHEREAS, the Eastern Summit County Planning Commission held a public hearing and forwarded a positive recommendation to the County Council on July 18, 2019; and WHEREAS, the Summit County Council held a public hearing on August 7, 2019; and, NOW, THEREFORE, the County Council of the County of Summit, State of Utah, ordains as follows: Section 1. The Eastern Summit County Development Code is amended as depicted in Exhibit A. Section 2: This Ordinance shall take effect fifteen (15) days after the date of its publication. APPROVED, ADOPTED, AND PASSED and ordered published by the Summit County Council, this 7th day of August, 2019. SUMMIT COUNTY COUNCIL SUMMIT COUNTY, UTAH ____________________ By Council Chair ATTEST: SUMMIT COUNTY CLERK Date of Publication _____________________August 10, 2019. PUBLISHED IN THE PARK RECORD ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 10, 2019.