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PARK CITY MUNICIPAL CORPORATION PLANNING COMMISSION LISTEN LIVE: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 ATTENTION NOTICE OF ELECTRONIC MEETING & HOW TO COMMENT VIRTUALLY: This meeting will be an electronic meeting as permitted by Park City Open and Public Meeting Resolution 18-2020, adopted March 19, 2020. Board members will connect electronically. Public comments will be accepted virtually. To comment virtually, raise your hand on Zoom. Written comments submitted before or during the meeting will be entered into the public record, but not read aloud. For more information on participating virtually and to listen live, please go to WORK SESSION 5:30 PM 2250 Deer Valley Drive South - Work Session The applicant is Requesting to Modify the 12th Amended and Restated Large Scale Master Planned Development Permit with a 13th Amendment to 1) Add Language from the Land Management Code as Exhibit 4 Including LMC Section 15-6-8, Unit Equivalent, in its Entirety, as well as the Definitions for Commercial Use, Commercial Use Support, and Commercial Use Resort Support; and 2) Clarify the Affordable Housing Obligation for Snow Park Village. PL-21-04767. A) Work Session, No Action Will Be Taken REGULAR SESSION 6:00 PM Items Listed Below May Include Discussion, Public Hearing, and Action 2750 Meadow Creek Drive Plat Amendment The Applicant is Requesting to Remove Plat Notes #3 and #4 from the Lot 2 Willow Ranch Replat Subdivision Plat, and to Replace Them With a Plat Note That Allows for the Combined Square Footage to Remain the Same (9,800 square feet) But Not Be Fixed Between the Barn and the House. A) Public Hearing B) Possible Recommendation for City Council's Consideration on April 29, 2021 1660 & 1700 Three Kings Drive - Payday Condominiums Plat Amendment The Applicant is Requesting to Amend the Existing Plat to Rectify Inconsistencies and Clarify Developable Private Residential Space for Condominium Owners. A) Public Hearing B) Possible Recommendation for City Council's Consideration on April 29, 2021 PL-20-04725 Land Management Code Amendment Affordable Master Planned Developments (AMPDs) were Established to Incentivize Private Development and Public-Private Partnerships to Develop Affordable Units. AMPDs Allow for Market-Rate and Affordable Units and may Include Mixed-Uses. Setbacks and Open Space Requirements are Reduced. Building Height for AMPDs may be up to Forty-Five Feet and Parking Requirements may be Reduced with Certain Mitigations. AMPDs are Allowed in the Residential Development, Residential Development Medium, Residential Medium, Recreation Commercial, General Commercial, Light Industrial, and Community Transition Zoning Districts. The City Council Recommended Evaluating AMPDs in Non-Residential Historic Districts and the Proposed Amendments Establish AMPDs in the Historic Recreation Commercial and Historic Commercial Business Zoning Districts. Please Visit for More Information. (A) Public Hearing; (B) Possible Recommendation for City Council Consideration on April 29, 2021 PL-21-04777 Notice Posted: March 29, 2021 Notice Published: March 31, 2021 Times shown are subject to change. For more information on how to participate in an electronic meeting, please call 435-615-5060. A majority of City Council members may log in to the online meeting but will not convene a meeting nor conduct any business. PUBLISHED IN THE PARK RECORD ON WEDNESDAY MARCH 31, 2021.