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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Bonding Act, Title 11, Chapter 14, Utah Code Annotated 1953, as amended (the "Act"), that on December 9, 2020, the County Council (the "Council") of Summit County, Utah (the "Issuer"), adopted a resolution (the "Resolution") in which it authorized the issuance of the Issuer's not to exceed $20,000,000 Sales Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2021 (the "Series 2021 Bonds") (to be issued in one or more series and with such other series or title designation(s) as may be determined by the Issuer), and called a public hearing for January 13, 2021. The Issuer hereby amends the public hearing date from January 13, 2021 to February 3, 2021. TIME, PLACE AND LOCATION OF PUBLIC HEARING The Issuer shall hold a public hearing on February 3, 2021, at the hour of 6:00 p.m., convened an electronic meeting without a physical location in accordance with Utah Code Section 52-4-207(4). The purpose of the hearing is to receive input from the public with respect to (a) the issuance of that portion of the Series 2021 Bonds issued under the Act and (b) any potential economic impact that the Series 2021 Project to be financed with the proceeds of that portion of the Series 2021 Bonds issued under the Act may have on the private sector. All members of the public are invited to attend and participate. PURPOSE FOR ISSUING THE SERIES 2021 BONDS The Series 2021 Bonds will be issued for the purpose of (a) financing all or a portion of the cost of various public works and infrastructure projects, and all related improvements (the "Series 2021 Project"), (b) funding any debt service reserve funds, as necessary, and (c) paying costs of issuance of the Series 2021 Bonds. DATED this January 13, 2021 /s/Kent Jones County Clerk PUBLISHED IN THE PARK RECORD ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27, 2021