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PARK CITY MUNICIPAL CORPORATION PLANNING COMMISSION LISTEN LIVE: Wednesday, July 8, 2020 ATTENTION - NOTICE OF ELECTRONIC MEETING & HOW TO COMMENT VIRTUALLY: This meeting will be an electronic meeting as permitted by Park City Open and Public Meeting Resolution 18-2020, adopted March 19, 2020. Some Commissioners will connect electronically and some will meet in Council Chambers. Public comments will be accepted in person or virtually. To comment virtually, use eComment or raise your hand on Zoom. eComments submitted before the meeting date will be attached to the packet as appendices. eComments submitted on Commission meeting days will be read aloud. For more information on participating virtually and to listen live, please go to SITE WALK 3:00 - 5:00 PM Site Walk Park City Mountain Resort Base Area Parking Lot Redevelopment The Planning Commission Will Attend a Site Walk with PEG Development, the Applicant, from 3-5pm, Regarding PEG Development's Application to Amend the Development Agreement by Replacing Exhibit D thereof, with a New Master Plan. PL-20-04475. QUARTERLY COMMISSION DISCUSSION 5:30 PM Quarterly Commission Discussion Topics may include Transportation, Housing, Height Exceptions, Parking, and Annexation. WORK SESSION 6:00 PM Work Session The Commission will Consider a New Section in the Land Management Code to Establish Uniform Design, Installation, Maintenance, and Signage Standards for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure and Installation Requirements for Development and Redevelopment. GI-20-00429 REGULAR SESSION 6:30 PM Items Listed Below May Include Discussion, Public Hearing, and Action Park City Mountain Resort Base Area Parking Lot Redevelopment Master Planned Development - Determination of Whether or Not the Submitted Application meets the Definition of Land Management Code § 15-6-4(I), MPD MODIFICATIONS, which states that "Changes in a Master Planned Development, which constitute a change in concept, Density, unit type or configuration of any portion or phase of the MPD will justify review of the entire master plan and DA by the Planning Commission, unless otherwise specified in the DA." (A) Public Hearing (B) Action PL-20-04475 Land Management Code Amendment The Meadows Estates Homeowner's Association has Applied for a Land Management Code (LMC) Amendment to Amend LMC § 15-2.13-2 with the Intent of Precluding Nightly Rentals in the Meadows Estates Subdivisions #1A and #1B. (A) Public Hearing and (B) Possible Recommendation for City Council's Consideration on July 30, 2020 PL-20-04555 PL-20-04556 Municipal Code and Land Management Code Amendments Amendments to the Municipal Code of Park City Sign Code § 12-7-1; § 12-12-1; § 12-12-2; § 12-12-3; § 12-12-4; § 12-12-5; § 12-12-6 to Replace the Term Master Festival with Special Event and Amendments to the Land Management Code § 15-1-11; § 15-2.3-2; § 15-2.5-2; § 15-2.6-2; § 15-2.16-2; § 15-2.23-2; § 15-4-16; § 15-4-20; § 15-15-1; § 15-15-2 to Remove all Special Event references from the Land Management Code; to Remove Special Events from the Land Management Code Zoning District Use Sections; and to Make Technical Changes to Update the Code. (A) Public Hearing (B) Possible Recommendation for City Council's Consideration on July 30, 2020 PL-20-24531 Land Management Code Amendment Amendment to Land Management Code § 15-2.1-2(B)(1), Conditional Uses, Nightly Rentals, Footnote 2 to Establish Additional Conditional Use Permit Criteria and a Cap for Nightly Rentals in the Western Historic Residential Low Density Zoning District that Includes Residences Along Sampson Avenue, Ridge Avenue, and King Road. (A) Public Hearing (B) Possible Recommendation for City Council's Consideration on July 30, 2020 PL-20-04547 Notice Posted: June 24, 2020 Notice Published: June 24, 2020 Times shown are subject to change. Please submit written input on an agenda item to the Planning Department prior to 5:00 PM on the day of the meeting. To submit public input during the virtual meeting, please visit > Current Public Meeting Listen Live and register for eComment. Please complete eComment registration prior to the meeting. For more information on how to participate in an electronic meeting, please call 435-615-5060. A majority of City Council members may log in to the online meeting but will not convene a meeting nor conduct any business. PUBLISHED IN THE PARK RECORD ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 2020.