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PARK CITY MUNICIPAL CORPORATION HISTORIC PRESERVATION BOARD Online Location: Listen Live Wednesday, June 3, 2020 LEGAL NOTICE ATTENTION: This meeting will be an electronic meeting as permitted by Park City Open and Public Meeting Resolution 18-2020, adopted March 19, 2020. This meeting will not have an anchor location at City Hall and the Board Members will connect remotely. If you are interested in listening and/or giving public comment remotely, please go to REGULAR SESSION 5:00 PM Items listed below may include Discussion, Public Hearing, and Action 1162 Woodside Avenue Historic District Design Review Historic Preservation Board Review for Material Deconstruction of Landmark of Historic Site The Applicant is proposing Material Deconstruction for the Landmark Historic Site consisting of removal of the Historic Foundation for the construction of a basement and removal of four feet (4'-0") of the Historic rear wall to accommodate a New Addition. (A) Public Hearing (B) Possible Action PL-19-04142 Land Management Code (LMC) Amendment Proposal to amend the LMC to address inconsistencies, prohibit vinyl materials in the Historic Districts, and establish a maximum Solar Reflective Index (SRI) to measure reflectivity of materials. The proposed LMC amendments would affect LMC 15-2.1, 15-2.2, 15-2.3, 15-2.4, 15-2.5, 15-2.6, 15-4, 15-5-5, and 15-15. (A) Public Hearing(B) Possible Recommendation to the Planning Commission on June 24, 2020 and the City Council on July 16, 2020 PL-20-04518 Notice Posted: May 20, 2020 Notice Published: May 20,2020 Times shown are subject to change. In order for written correspondence to be included with the Historic Preservation Board report, please submit it to the Planning Department prior to 5:00 PM on the day of the meeting. The Historic Preservation Board meets regularly every first Wednesday of the month at 5:00 PM for action items. PUBLISHED IN THE PARK RECORD ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 2020.