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PARK CITY MUNICIPAL CORPORATION PLANNING COMMISSION Online Location: LISTEN LIVE Wednesday, April 22, 2020 LEGAL NOTICE REGULAR SESSION 5:30 PM To comply with the Summit County Health Department Stay at Home Order, the Planning Commission meeting will be an electronic meeting and all the Planning Commissioners will connect remotely. There will not be an anchor location. Information about remote participation in the electronic meeting will be published with the agenda. Items Listed Below May Include Discussion, Public Hearing, and Action 445 King Road Conditional Use Permit The Applicant is Requesting a Conditional Use Permit for The Construction of a Single Family Dwelling, Consistent with the Plat and Master Development Plan. This item was originally continued from the February 12, 2020 Planning Commission to the March 25, 2020 meeting, which was cancelled. (A) Public Hearing (B) Possible Action PL-19-04373 1209 Park Avenue Plat Amendment The 1209 Park Avenue Plat Amendment Proposes to Combine Lot 3 and the Northern Half of Lot 2 of Block 6 of the Snyders Addition to Park City Into One Lot of Record. (A) Public Hearing (B) Possible Recommendation for City Council's Consideration on May 14th, 2020 PL-20-04500 1064 Park Avenue Condominium Plat The 1064 Park Avenue Condominium Plat Proposes to Create a Two (2) Unit Condominium Plat from the Duplex That is Under Construction On This Lot. (A) Public Hearing (B) Possible Recommendation for City Council's Consideration on May 14, 2020 PL-20-04499 2290 Deer Valley Drive East - Condominium Plat - The Applicant is requesting approval of the Snow Park Residences Condominium Plat, Phase 2 of the larger St. Regis Deer Valley project. The Snow Park Residences includes a four story (4) condominium building with one (1) level of underground parking, nine (9) condominium units, meeting spaces, and support commercial space. (A) Public Hearing (B) Possible Recommendation for City Council's Consideration on May 14, 2020 PL-20-04471 CONTINUED ITEMS The following items were originally scheduled for the March 25, 2020 Planning Commission meeting, which was cancelled. These items will be continued to a date uncertain at the April 22, 2020 Planning Commission Meeting. They will be re-noticed at a later time. Work Session Staff Compiled the Planning Commission's Goals and Priorities for Land Management Code Amendments Provided by the Commission in the Work Session on February 26, 2020. Staff will Present a Plan and Schedule of Proposed 2020 Land Management Code Amendments for the Commission's Review. This work session was originally scheduled for March 25, 2020 and was continued to the April 22, 2020 meeting. This work session is continued to a date uncertain. Land Management Code (LMC) Amendment Amending LMC ยง 15-10-5 to Allow the Board of Adjustment Alternate to Count Toward Establishing a Quorum. (A) Public Hearing (B) Continuation to a Date Uncertain PL-20-04459 Municipal and Land Management Code Amendments Consideration to Continue a proposed Ordinance Amending the Municipal Code and Land Management Code, regarding Wildland Urban Interface in Municipal Code Title 11 Sections 11-21-1 The 2006 Utah Wildland-Urban Interface Code, 11-21-2 Land Subject to Utah Wildland-Urban Interface Code, 11-21-3, Violations; Title 14 Section 14-1-5 Regulations for Planting Trees and Landscaping in the City's Right-of-Way; and Land Management Code Title 15 Sections 15-2.21-3 Sensitive Lands Overlay Zone, 15-5-1 Architectural Review Policy and Purpose, 15-5-5 Architectural Design Guidelines, 15-6-6 Master Planned Development Required Findings and Conclusions of Law, 15-8-2 Annexation General Requirements, 15-15-1 Definitions, and 15-15-2 List of Defined Terms. This item was originally on the cancelled March 25, 2020 Planning Commission meeting. (A) Public Hearing (B) Continue to a Date Uncertain PL-20-04486 Notice Published: April 8, 2020 Notice Posted: April 6, 2020 Times shown are subject to change. In order for written correspondence to be included with the Planning Commission report, please submit it to the Planning Department prior to 5:00 PM on April 16, 2020. A majority of City Council members may log on to the online meeting but will not convene a meeting nor conduct any business. The Planning Commission meets regularly every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM for action items. Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations during the meeting should notify the Planning Department at 435-615-5060 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. PUBLISHED IN THE PARK RECORD ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8, 2020.